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Richard Diebenkorn Figure Paintings

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While enlisted, Richard, continued to study art and expanded his knowledge of European modernism; first while enrolled briefly at UC Berkeley and later on the east coast, while stationed at the Marine base in Quantico, Virginia. While enrolled at UC Berkeley he had three influential teachers, Worth Ryder, Erle Loran, and Eugene Neuhaus. Both Ryder and Loran had studied art in Europe in the 1920's and brought there knowledge of European modernism to their teaching. Neuhaus emigrated from Germany in 1904 and was a seminal figure in establishing the Bay Area as a center of art appreciation and education on the west coast. On the East Coast,when he transferred to the base in Quantico, Diebenkorn took advantage of his proximity to visit art museums in Washington, DC; Philadelphia; and New York City. This allowed him to study first hand the paintings of modern masters such as Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Bonnard and Miro. Also at this time, he has his first exposure to the new New York-based artist whom are beginning their abstract Surrealism-based paintings. The work of Robert Motherwell in particular, leaves an impression. Diebenkorn begins his own experiments in abstract painting.

A highly influential mid-century American artist, Richard Diebenkorn is known for his abstract …

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