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Matthew Kechter Columbine

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Harris, at the west entrance, immediately turned and fired ten shots from his carbine at Gardner, who was sixty yards away. [81] As Harris reloaded his carbine, Gardner leaned over the top of his car and fired four rounds at Harris from his service pistol. [86][94] Harris ducked back behind the building, and Gardner momentarily believed that he had hit him. Harris then reemerged and fired at least four more rounds at Gardner (which missed and struck two parked cars), before retreating into the building. No one was hit during the exchange of gunfire. [n 13] Gardner reported on his police radio, "Shots in the building. I need someone in the south lot with me. "[81] By this point, Harris had shot 47 times, and Klebold just 5. The shooters then entered the school through the west entrance, moving along the main North Hallway, throwing pipe bombs and shooting at anyone they encountered. Klebold shot Stephanie Munson in the ankle; she was able to walk out of the school. [86] The pair then shot out the windows to the East Entrance of the school. After proceeding through the hall several times and shooting toward—and missing—any students they saw, they went toward the west entrance and turned into the Library Hallway.

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