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Andrew Lincoln

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Lincoln has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, and has won several and been nominated for numerous awards. An example of this praise comes from Jacob Stolworthy of The Independent, who commented on Lincoln's performance in the first episode of season 7, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be", in which antagonist Negan threatens to kill Grimes' son Carl unless he cuts the boy's arm off. Stolworthy said: "It's a moment where Andrew Lincoln excels, his character coming full circle: between his snot-nosed splutters of mercy and Carl’s resigned plea (“Dad, just do it"), this scene - when bookended with the first time we see Rick in season 1 episode 'Days Gone Bye', unaware of the tribulations this 'new world order' will bring - causes your bones to cool several degrees. " In 2012 and 2015, TVLine spotlighted Lincoln as "Performer of the Week" for his performance in the fourth episode of season 3 ("Killer Within") and fifteenth episode of season 5 ("Try"), respectively, saying, for 2015, "We always knew that Lincoln could play the living daylights out of anything that was thrown at him. But until this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we didn’t realize that he could act his way from A to Z all within the span of a single hour. "

Andrew Lincoln (* als Andrew James Clutterbuck 14. September 1973 in London ) ist ein britischer Schauspieler , Regisseur und Sprecher .

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